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Space Planning

3,400 SF design office and co-working space. 

Challenge: Balance privacy of a private office with the connectivity of a co-working space.

Work done in collaboration with Architect W.I.T. Studio.

BW Nourish Signage - Lightning Bolt Edit

Storefront Design

Storefront and signage design for the first brick and mortar location of a new robotics food service company.

Challenge: Integration of the design into a new university construction project, coordination with robots, making AI approachable. 

Work done for B Box Cafe.

3D Modeling

Full renderings of a retail store in The Mission that carries clothes and gifts for mothers and children. 

Challenge: Provide communication to help the client realistically visualize a final product before committing to it. 

Work done for The Woods.


Furniture and Fixture Specification

Personifying a new concept through its furniture and accessories. 

Challenge: Commercial durability with a soft, reclaimed look.

Work done in-house for Fox Restaurant Concepts.

Finish Specification

Pressed metal panel specified to replace an outdated design.

Challenge: Find a lightweight, cost-effective, easy-cleanable, dynamic wall finish.

Work done in-house for Fox Restaurant Concepts.

910 Valencia.png

Custom Furniture Design

Custom designed display and furniture to make best use of the space and clearly showcase the product. 

Challenge: Maximize use of a very linear space that can transform for multi-use. (event space, pop-up, etc.)

Work done for The Woods.

Custom Fabrication Design

Custom wall detailed and designed for production by a local steel fabricator. 

Challenge: Integrate a new material into the design in an interesting and meaningful way.

Work done in-house for Fox Restaurant Concepts.

Oak Bike shop 2.JPG

Concept or Color Exploration

Concept work for a custom bike shop that would also serve as a community outpost.

Challenge: Balancing the functionality of a custom bike shop with the comfort of a neighborhood hangout. 

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